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Three Tips for Choosing the Right Color Temperature for Your Home

Choosing the temperature of your lights may never have occurred to you, but getting the right temperature light for your home can change the dynamic of a room. Different rooms benefit from different lighting. Here are three tips for choosing the right color temperature for your home.


Three Tips for Choosing the Right Color Temperature for Your Home

  1. Assess the space. First, you should assess your space. Some rooms do better with specific lighting. For example, the kitchen does well with bright, cool-temperature lights, while living spaces such as living rooms and bedrooms do better with warm lights. When purchasing lighting, the first step is to assess where the new bulbs are going.
  2. Look at the colors of your furniture. Next, if the house is already furnished, it is important to look at the color of the furniture you already have before changing the temperature of your lights. If you have always looked at your furniture through warm lights, it will look quite different under cool ones. This shouldn’t stop you from changing the lighting, but it is something you should be aware of.
  3. Select temperature-changing LEDs. Finally, if you are having trouble making a lighting decision, you can always stick with color-changing LED lights. LED lights have many benefits, but one of the best parts about them is how flexible they are. Whether you enjoy cool lights during the day and warm ones at night or you simply just can’t find a color temperature you like, LED lights can help.


 Different temperature lighting can completely change a room, and the temperatures have different benefits. For example, warm lights add a cozy, comforting feel to a space, while cool lights make a room look cleaner and more sterilized. If you need assistance with your lighting, residential or commercial, High West Electric can help.  

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